Hadeeth 39: Being Cautious to Avoid Animosity and Dissention

from jaabir ibn 'abdullah (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that allaah's messenger said:

indeed satan has despaired that those who pray should worship (him) in the arabian peninsular, however (he seeks) to provoke animosity between them.[65]

so perhaps a word which one does not realise allows to escape from his tongue and it falls upon one of the servants of allaah, or a mistake he makes, perhaps this will cause a great fire to blaze in the hearts of the brothers.

this is the most satan desires and it causes him to be joyful and happy. so what we have indicated certainly occurs and is bound to occur and it leads to widespread evil and great danger, so since this is the case, then what is:


65.muslim (eng. trans. 4/1471/no.6752)

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