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Hadeeth 40: The Means To Escape the Trial which Befalls the People

5042 2008/02/16 2024/05/20
from abdullah ibn mas'ood (radiyallaahu 'anhumaa) who said:

how will you be when you are covered by a trial in which the young grow up and the old become infirm. if anything of it is abandoned it is said: the sunnah has been abandoned. it was said: when will that occur, o aboo abdur rahman? he said: when your scholars pass away, and those ignorant amongst you become many; when those who recite amongst you are many, but those who have understanding of the religion are few; when your leaders are many, but those who are trustworthy are few; when this world is sought with actions of the hereafter; and when knowledge is sought for other than the religion.[66]

so the means of escape is to follow the example provided for us! indeed obeying and following allaah's messenger (salallaahu 'alaihi wa'sallam) is the greatest escape from the trials which envelop us.

so for allaah, for allaah, o servants of allaah, learn, and act, and fear allaah and obey him that you may be shown mercy.


66.reported by ad-daarimee (1/64), al-laalikaa'ee (no.123), al-haakim(4/514) and others, with saheeh chain of narration

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