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David's Lord

2522 2010/04/25 2024/06/13

indeed, there remains besides god, no other conceivable being who could be david's lord, except the noblest and the highest human race. it is quite intelligible to assume that in the sight of god and by his mercy, there must be a man who is the noblest, the most praised and the most coveted of all men.

surely the seers and the prophets of old knew his holy personage. the question of prophet jesus (pbuh) in mathew (22:45) put the jews into silence, for they could find no answer. further, by his expression, certainly, he excluded himself from that title (my lord). the second lord mention was neither jesus (pbuh) nor was the second god. furthermore, it becomes very decisive in that, it would awaken the christians to place jesus (pbuh) in his right status as the holy servant of god. they would renounce the extravagant character ascribed to him, much to his own disgust, someone to be worshipped or considered to be god. in the book of mark (7:6-7), jesus (pbuh) said:

"this people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men." it was because he wanted them to understand that he was not god or one to be worshipped.

besides, you cannot find on jesus sayings "you worship me," instead, he asked people to worship god, the creator. one cannot imagine a teacher who seeing his pupils unable to answer his question, should keep silent, unless he is himself ignorant like them and is not
able to give a solution. but jesus (pbuh) was not ignorant or malevolent. the present gospels of the churches do not report the answer of jesus (pbuh) to their question, "who was the lord of david?"

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