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The Last Prophet

2569 2010/04/25 2024/07/18

it was less than 600 years after prophet jesus (pbuh), that prophet muhammad (pbuh), the last messenger of god and the seal of the prophets was sent to mankind. thus, god's blessings of both branches of abraham's family tree (ishmael and isaac) peace be upon them, was completed fulfilled.

prophet muhammad (pbuh) who was sent as the last prophet and messenger of god was not an israelite, but he was an ishmaelite who could not be the son of prophet david (pbuh). david (pbuh) calls him "my lord", in psalm (110:1), "the prince of peace and the wonderful counselor" in isaiah (9:6), "the prophet moses" in deuteronomy (18:18) and "that prophet awaited by the jews" according to the book of john (1:20-21).

prophet muhammad (pbuh) was also the one referred to by prophet jesus (pbuh) as the "counselor and the spirit of truth" who would come after him (e.g., in the gospel of john,
chapter 14, 15 and 16). in fact, jesus (pbuh) was the "other counselor" and he had been awaiting for "another counselor", who would continue his unfinished mission and glorify him after he has gone away. this prophet (pbuh) was a man like him, a prophet like him, a spirit of truth like him, and a spirit or holy spirit with human flesh and bones.

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