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Everybody Introduce Prophet Muhammad Day

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50329 2010/05/17 2023/05/31
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many anti-islamist groups and sites is publishing a campaign on the internet under the name:

”everybody draw muhammad" day!

they set  the 20th of may 2010 to collect these drawings, mocking our prophet peace be upon him.

now our turn came, to make out of this date; 20th of may 2010, a day to represent our beloved prophet to the whole world:

"everybody introduce prophet muhammad" day

who is allah’s best creature that they want to mock?

he was born in an environment worshipping idols, burring the girls alive, killing neighbors, insulting women and humiliating the weak.

 allah sent him to the world as he did send all the other prophets before.

he ordered us to perform righteousness, charity, faithfulness and loyalty….

he forbade us worshipping idols and ordered us to worship the almighty allah.

he ennobled women and gave her all her rights in heritage.

he gave the weak their rights from the strong and ordered us to be benevolent to the neighbors.

 he established a great state that affected the whole world through history till our times.

who is this great man that was able to change man’s way of thinking and living to the best?

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