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Join us in our Campaign “The Quran; my Gift to you”

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on 26th july, 2010, a church in florida, usa, announced september 11th - corresponding 1st day of eid al-fitr - to be an "international burn a quran day" where every christian should burn a copy of the holy qur'an. the church is also providing t-shirts saying "islam is of the devil" for everybody to wear on that day

the church announced -on it’s facebook pages- all people to burn the quran.

the general secretary of the muslim league dr. abdullah at turkey and sheikh al azhar dr. ahmad at-tayyeb warned - in two separate statements- from the danger of such an announcement on human relationships, communication, co-existence and cooperation among peoples. they described the remarks made by the pastor terry johns- that “islam is of the devil “ - as hateful, extremist and insolent statements that call for provoking hostility and incite to hatred and resentment, that are things almighty allah forbid in all his messages and are prevented as well by the international laws issued by the united nations.

the statement expressed strong dissatisfaction of the muslim world and islamic centers and institutions from the campaigns waged by this pastor against islam and muslims, that harm to him and to muslims and provoke their feelings and incite hatred and discrimination against them


the aim of this campaign is to show islam and the holy quran in an offensive way and that they are the source of every evil and terror in this world

now it’s our turn to publish 1 million copy of the holy quran all over the world
to make this easy for everybody, we provided different means to deliver the holy quran to the greatest possible number of people




why burning the quran?


september 11 brings to us every year a very sad and painful memory of 3,000 people, mostly christians, killed appallingly by a group of fanatic muslims.

now a group of devoted christians in florida, in their zeal, want to commemorate that day by burning the quran, the holy book of all muslims.


when the christians crusaders captured jerusalem, they killed 70,000 muslims in their zeal. muslims didn't do the same when they recaptured jerusalem. they even allowed those who wanted to leave to do so, and didn't change their good relations with the native christians living among them or harm the christian pilgrims in jerusalem. 


muslims didn't burn the bible because the bible is a holy book and has nothing to do with the evil committed by some of its followers.


 now why should christians carry their anger on the quran, the holy book of the muslims due to the atrocity committed by a certain group in 9/11.


hatred only breeds hatred.


atrocities only breads atrocities.


understanding only breeds understanding.


benevolence only breeds benevolence. 


in memory of those who died in 9/11, whom we feel sorry about, we encourage you to be understanding and benevolent and cut the way short in the face of the proponents of hatred and violence.

we offer you the quran as a gift for a better understanding. please pay it the respect of a holy book and help stop the blind violence and hatred for the sake of a peaceful world.

send your complete postal address  to freequran@rasoulallah.net , and we’ll send them a free hard copy of the holy quran.  










join us in our campaign
“the quran; my gift to you”

·     nominate five non-muslim people and send us their complete postal address  to freequran@rasoulallah.net , and we’ll send them a free hard copy of the holy quran.  

·     we invite you to listen to the holy quran

·     download the book “who wrote the quran”;
the most famous book to respond to those who claim that the quran was written by prophet muhammad

o  the english copy

o  the german copy 

o spanish copy  

·     download the book : “the amazing quran” by the former theologian dr. gary miller

·         the english copy

·         dutch copy

·         spanish copy 

·     download the book : " you ask and the quran answer "

·         the german copy

·         the english copy

·         the portugase copy

·         spanish copy 

download the translation of the meaning of the holy quran in many languages :

 russian , chinese , portugase , french , arabic, english

    spanish  , german ,  indonesian ,


finally, if you don’t believe in the holy quran and you have questions or inquiries, join us in our discussions and feel free to ask .



just send this email to your contact list to support allah’s holy book



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