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Reply to Merkel's honouring the Danish Cartoonist

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14532 2010/09/16 2023/06/01
Article translated to : العربية

in the name of allah; the most merciful, the most gracious…peace and blessings upon our prophet

the german government must know that we won’t let this action-the formal honoring- pass just like this …

we are going to boycott all german goods in the islamic world, till they withdraw this award and apologize for it.

everyone must know that our leader, prophet muhammad peace be upon him is so noble and dear to us; a red signalthat no one is allowed to hurt or insult….

here is a list of the german goods in the arabic markets….

participate in the signature campaign to protest against the german chancellor's honoring the danish cartoonist:

this list of signitures will be sent to all  german embassies and international news agencies….

 join us in this blessed campaign…press here

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