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What is Islam?

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"islam" is an arabic word which means peaceful, willing submission - submission to the code of conduct ordained by god. so islam is a religion, but it is also a complete way of life based upon a voluntary relationship between an individual and his creator. it is the way of life ordained by god which was taught by each of his prophets and messengers. what distinguishes islam from other religions is that it refuses to accept any form of creation whatsoever as a deity worthy of worship. instead, it emphasizes the exclusive worship of the one god who created the entire universe and to whom all creation will eventually return.


monotheism is the foundation of islam and its most important concept which cannot

 be compromised in any way. not only is god acknowledged as the sole creator and sustainer of everything in existence, but islam declares that he is the only true deity and he alone is worthy to be worshipped. further, it recognizes that the attributes of god are nothing like those of his creation and cannot be compared to it; he is absolute, perfect and unique.













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