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You Did Not Know This Before!

4319 2010/09/06 2024/04/17
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you did not know this before!


undoubtedly, there is an attitude in the quran which is

not found anywhere else. it is interesting how when the quran provides information, it often tells the reader, "you did not know this before." indeed, there is no scripture

that exists which makes that claim. all of the other ancient

writings and scriptures that people have do give a lot of information, but they always state where the information

came from.


for example, when the bible discusses ancient history, it

states that this king lived here, this one fought in a certain battle, another one had so may sons, etc. yet it always

stipulates that if you want more information, then you should read the book of so and so because that is where

the information came from. in contrast to this concept, the

quran provides the reader with information and states

that this information is something new. of course, there always exists the advice to research the information provided and verify its authenticity. it is interesting that such a concept was never challenged by non-muslims fourteen centuries ago. indeed, the makkans who hated the muslims, and time and time again they heard such

revelations claiming to bring new information; yet, they never spoke up and said, "this is not new. we know where muhammad got this information. we learned this

at school." they could never challenge its authenticity

because it really was new!


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