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another example of what one might expect to find in an old book” that touches upon the subject of health or medicine is outdated remedies or cures. various historical sources state that the prophet (r) gave some advice about health and hygiene, yet most of these pieces of advice are not contained in the quran. at first glance, to the non-muslims this appears to be a negligent omission. they cannot understand why allah would not include such helpful information in the quran. some muslims attempt to explain this absence with the following argument: although the prophets advice was sound and applicable to the time in which he lived, allah, in his infinite wisdom, knew that there would come later medical and scientific advances which would make the prophets advice appear outdated. when later discoveries occurred, people might say that such information contradicted that which the prophet (r) had given. thus, since allah would never allow any opportunity for the non-muslims to claim that the quran contradicts itself or the teachings of the prophet (r), he only included in the quran information and examples which could stand the test of time. however, when one examines the true realities of the quran in terms of its existence as a divine revelation, the entire matter is quickly brought into its proper perspective, and the error in such argumentation becomes clear and understandable.

it must be understood that the quran is a divine revelation, and as such, all information in it is of divine origin. allah revealed the quran from himself. it is the words of allah, which existed before creation, and thus nothing can be added, subtracted or altered. in essence, the quran existed and was complete before the creation of prophet muhammad (r), so it could not possibly contain any of the prophe

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