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Exhausting the Alternatives

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exhausting the alternatives



the real certainty about the truthfulness of the quran is

evident in the confidence which is prevalent throughout it;

and this confidence comes from a different approach - "exhausting the alternatives." in essence, the quran states,

"this book is a divine revelation; if you do not believe that,

then what is it?" in other words, the reader is challenged

to come up with some other explanation. here is a book made of paper and ink. where did it come from? it says it is a divine revelation; if it is not, then what is its source? the interesting fact is that no one has yet come up with an explanation that works. in fact, all alternatives have bee exhausted. as has been well established by non-muslims,

these alternatives basically are reduced to two mutually

exclusive schools of thought, insisting on one or the other.


on one hand, there exists a large group of people who

have researched the quran for hundreds of years and who claim, "one thing we know for sure - that man, muhammad (saw), thought he was a prophet. he was crazy!" they are convinced that muhammad (saw)was fooled somehow. then on the other hand, there is a group which alleges, "because of this evidence, one thing we know for sure is that that man, muhammad (saw)was a liar!" ironically, these two groups never seem to get together without contradicting.


in fact, many references to islam usually claim both

theories. they start out by stating that muhammad ( ) was crazy and then end by saying he was a liar. they never seem to realize that he could not have been both! for

example, if one is deluded and really thinks that he is a

prophet, then he does not sit up late at night planning, "how will i fool the people tomorrow so that they think i am a prophet?" he truly believes that he is a prophet, and he trusts that the answer will be given to him by revelation.

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