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in conjunction with the excuses that non-muslims

advance in futile attempts to justify unexplainable verses in the quran, there is another attack often rendered which

seems to be a combination of the theories that muhammad

(saw)was crazy and a liar. basically, these people propose that muhammad was insane, and as a result of his delusion, he lied to and misled people. there is a name for this in psychology. it is referred to as mythomania. it means simply that one tells lies and then believes them. this is what the non-muslims say muhammad (saw)suffered from. but the only problem with this proposal is that one suffering from mythomania absolutely cannot deal with any facts, and yet the whole quran is based entirely upon facts. everything contained in it can be researched and established as true. since facts are such a problem for a mythomaniac, when a psychologist tries to treat one suffering from that condition, he continually confronts him with facts.


for example, if one is mentally ill and claims, "i am the

king of england," a psychologist does not say to him "no

you aren't. you are crazy!" he just does not do that.

rather, he confronts him with facts and says, "o.k., you say you are the king of england. so tell me where the queen is today. and where is your prime minister? and where are your guards?" now, when the man has trouble

trying to deal with these questions, he tries to make



excuses, saying "uh... the queen... she has gone to her

mother's. uh... the prime minister... well he died." and eventually he is cured because he cannot deal with the facts. if the psychologist continues confronting him with

enough facts, finally he faces the reality and says, "i guess

i am not the king of england."


the quran approaches everyone who reads it in very

much the same way a psychologist treats his mythomania patient. there is a verse in the quran (surah yunus 10:57) which states:


"o mankind, there has come to you an admonition

[i.e., the quran] from your lord and a healing for what is in the hearts - and guidance and mercy for

the believers."


at first glance, this statement appears vague, but the

meaning of this verse is clear when one views it in light of the aforementioned example. basically, one is healed of his delusions by reading the quran. in essence, it is therapy. it literally cures deluded people by confronting them with facts. a prevalent attitude throughout the quran is one

which says, "o mankind, you say such and such about

this; but what about such and such? how can you say this

when you know that?" and so forth. it forces one to

consider what is relevant and what matters while

simultaneously healing one of the delusions that facts presented to mankind by allah can easily be explained away with flimsy theories and excuses.



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