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The Flight

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the flight  

another example of the confidence which muhammad (saw)had in his own prophethood and consequently in the divine protection of himself and his message is when he left makkah and hid in a cave with abu bakr (raa) during their emigration to madinah. the two clearly saw people coming to kill them, and abu bakr was afraid. certainly, if muhammad (saw)was a liar, a forger and one who was trying to fool the people into believing that he was a prophet, one would have expected him to say in such a circumstance to his friend, "hey, abu bakr, see if you can find a back way out of this cave." or "squat down in that corner over there and keep quiet." yet, in fact, what he said to abu bakr clearly illustrated his confidence. he told him, "relax! allah is with us, and allah will save us!" now, if one knows that he is fooling the people, where

does one get this kind of attitude? in fact, such a frame of

mind is not characteristic of a liar or a forger at all.


so, as has been previously mentioned, the non-muslims

go around and around in a circle, searching for a way out

- some way to explain the findings in the quran without attributing them to their proper source. on one hand, they tell you on monday, wednesday and friday, "the man

was a liar," and on the other hand, on tuesday, thursday

and saturday they tell you, "he was crazy." what they refuse to accept is that one cannot have it both ways; yet

they need both theories, both excuses to explain the

information in the quran.

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