What the two Spouses should Intend with their Marriage

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both spouses should enter into marriage with the following intentions: freeing themselves of unfulfilled sexual desires, and protecting themselves from falling into that which allaah has forbidden (i.e. adultery and fornication). what's more, a reward as the reward for sadaqa (voluntary giving of charity) is recorded for them every time they have sex. this is based on the following hadith of the prohpet narrated by abu dharr: "some of the companions of the prophet said to him: 'o messenger of allaah, the affluent among us have taken the rewards (of the hereafter)! they pray as we pray, fast as we fast, and then they give charity from the surplus of their wealth!" the prophet said: "did allaah not make for you that from which you can give sadaqa? verily for every time you say subhannallah (exalted is allah) there is a sadaqa, and for every time you say allahuakbar (allah is most great) there is a sadaqa, and for every time you say al-hamdulillah (praise is to allah) there is sadaqa, and in every act of enjoining what is right there is sadaqa, and in every act of forbidding what is wrong there is a sadaqa, and in your sexual relations there is a sadaqa." the companions said: "o messenger of allaah , is there a reward for one of us when he satisfies his sexual desire?" the prophet said: "don't you see, if he had satisfied it with the forbidden, would there not have been a sin upon him?" they said: "why, yes! he said: "in the same way, when he satisfies it with that which is lawful, there is for him in that a reward." [muslim, an-nasaa'ee in al-'ishrah, and ahamd].

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