Participation of the Wealthy in the Feast with their Wealth

it is commendable for the wealthy to help in the preparations for the wedding feast based on the hadîth narrated by anas about the prophet's marriage to safiya:


  "then, when we were on the road, umm sulaim prepared her (safiya) for him (the prophet and brought her to him at night, and so the the prophet awoke the next morning a new bridgegroom. then he said: "whoever has something, let him bring it." (in another version, he said "whoever has an excess of provisions, let him bring it.") anas continues: "and so the leather eating mats were spread out and one man would bring dried milk, another dates and another clarified butter and so they made hais (hais is a mixture of the above three things). the people then ate of this hais and drank from pools of rainwater which were nearby, and that was the wedding feast of the prophet." [al-bukhârî, muslims and others].
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