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The Prohibition of Spreading Bedroom Secrets

7962 2010/12/02 2024/06/20

it is forbidden for either the husband or the wife to spread any of the secrets of their bedroom to anyone outside. the following two hadith are about this:

first: "verily among the worst people before allaah on the day of judgement is a man who approaches his wife sexually and she responds and then he spreads her secrets." [muslim, ibn abi shaiba, ahmad and others].

second: "on the authority of asmaa bint yazid who narrated "that she was once in the presence of the prophet and there were both men and women sitting. the prophet then said: "perhaps a man might discuss what he does with his wife, or perhaps a woman might inform someone what she did with her husband?" the people were silent. then i said: "o, yes! o messenger of allaah verily both the women and men do that." then the prophet said: "do not do that. it is like a male shaitaan who meets a female shaitaan along the way, and has sex with her while the people look on!" [ahmad: hasan or saheeh due to supports]

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