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For New Muslims , How to Love Prophet Muhammad ?

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Love The Prophet, Know How!


It's just some days that you have embraced Islam, you feel like newborn, happy and with peace of mind. Now it's time to take responsibility, it's time to learn Islam!



You have registered in the local masjid or Islamic center and these are the first days that you are attending Islam classes, you are studying, learning how to pray and make ablution, etc…. Suddenly the teacher says something that takes you by surprise. We must love Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and that love is a condition for a sound faith!


"The Prophet is preferable for the believers even to their own selves..."

(Quran: 33:6)


This time is not just memorizing Quran or dua'a – supplications- or any rule, this time they are talking about feelings. You think and think again; "How can I love someone I do not know?"

Don't panic! Do not feel sad! I have been there too. I know the feeling…



Below are some tips that you can easily implement to reach this beautiful feeling and get valuable knowledge:


First, take your time, one step at a time. Start getting a book about the life of Prophet Muhammad (saaws), well-known as sirah, take your time for reading it and make sure that you understand everything and any questions or doubt, ask your teacher or sheikh.

When you finish reading the sirah, for sure you will feel much better about this matter of "loving the Prophet –saaws-", and some nice feelings already started flourishing in your heart. You are now half-way of reaching that great love.


Second, try your best to read ahadith  and all related topics, like tafseer (explanation of Quran), so you will get to know the Prophet (saaws) much better.


Third, meditate about all what you have learnt and try to apply the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (saaws) - sunnah- in your everyday life. This way you will not only love the Prophet (saaws) but also you will make good deeds and shape your character and morals, to be a good Muslim.


Another very important practice is, always send the salutations, glorifications and blessings to the Prophet (saaws). Every time the name of Prophet Muhammad is mentioned we must say: sal-la Allahu aleihi wa sal-lam –may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him –



"Undoubtedly, Allah and his angels love glorify and bless the Prophet. O believers! You (too) love, glorify and bless the Prophet and salute him with all due respect."   (Quran 33:56)



Reading the sirah, at least once a year, reading Quran every day, studying and memorizing ahadith  and tafseer of chapters of the Holy Quran related to Prophet Muhammad (saaws) will open your heart and mind to live your life trying to practice his teachings and imitating his noble character. After applying all this tips, in sha Allah, you will love Prophet Muhammad (saaws) as if you had known him, and feel happy for the knowledge you have gained.


("soul of iman (faith), essence of the Qur'an and life of religion - all these are love of Muhammad (saaws), the mercy to all mankind.")




Author: Amal, Patricia Schiavone



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