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Al-Ahmadiyya… A Revolution against the Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him)

Auther : abdallah zidan
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al-ahmadiyya… a revolution against the prophethood of muhammad (peace be upon him)

preachers on their way to hell

written by/ abdallah zidan


all praise and thanks are due to allah, and peace and blessings be upon his messenger muhammad. he perfectly conveyed the message of islam and fulfilled the amanah (trust). he (peace be upon him) advised the ummah, resolved confusion and left us on a clear platform which is clear by night as it is by day, whoever distant himself from it is doomed.

recently, a new tribulation has appeared in the media against the ummah and the prophet muhammad (pbuh) claiming that the prophet is not the seal of prophets. they claim a new prophethood with new rituals and ceremonies not decreed by allah which is called al-qadianiyya, al-ahmadiyya or the ahmadiyya islamic group. islam rejects this group totally. this is why it is our duty to clarify to muslims the reality of such new movement, the reality of those who claim prophethood under this movement and the reality of the devilish revelation which their leader claims that it was conveyed to him. we will also display the consensus of the muslim nation in convicting them with blasphemy and disbelief so they are not considered part of islam by any means. this will be clarified in the following lines by the will of allah (swt).



first: the definition:-

the group of al-ahmadiyya al-qadianiyya was founded in 1900 a.d by mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani who was born in qadian in the punjab province in india. he proclaimed himself to be the “reformer of the age” (mujaddid), then he claimed he is the awaited mahdi then he added that he is the promised messiah. he claimed to have the shadow prophethood of prophet muhammad (peace be upon him), the following prophethood, the exalted prophethood then the independent legislative propehthood. he even claimed to be given a new holy book called “the remembrance book” (kitab al-tazkara).



second: prophethood allegation:

1- allegation of the shadow prophethood:-

mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani said: “for this side the seal of prophets will be reserved. i was named mohamed and ahmed as a reflection or shadow. who is upset with the divine revelation and does not call me a prophet or messenger then it is due to his stupidity.” majmuat al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (collection of divine treasuries) – book 18 – kitab kafarat al-khata’ (expiation of error book) – page 211.



2- allegation of the following or exalted prophethood:-

mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani said: “when i became the exalted muhamadi who existed in the past, i was given the exalted prophethood.” majmuat al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (collection of divine treasuries) – book 18 – kitab kafarat al-khata’ (expiation of error book) – page 215.



3- allegation of the independent legislative prophethood:-

mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani said: “i swear by allah who owns my soul. he is the one who sent me, called me a prophet and showed clear signs to prove my claim. they have reached three hundred thousand signs.” majmuat al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (collection of divine treasuries) – book 22 – kitab haqiqt al-wahy (truth of revelation book) – page 503.



mirza proclaimed clearly saying: “i receive the legislative revelation as well.” majmuat al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (collection of divine treasuries) – book 17 – kitab arbaeen li’tmam al-hojjah ala al-mokhalifin (the book of forty to prove evidence for opponents) – page 435.



this clearly contradicts with the glorious islam:

because almighty allah says (what can be translated as): “in no way is muhammad the father of any of your men, but (he is) the messenger of allah, and the seal (or: terminator; last) of the prophets; and allah has been ever-knowing of everything.” (surat al-ahzab: 40)

the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "there will be 30 liars among my ummah. each one will claim that he is a prophet; but i am the last of the prophets (seal of the prophets), and there will be no prophet after me." (abu dawood vol 2 p.228; at-tirmidhi vol 2 p.45)

the prophet muhammad (pbuh) also said: "my likeness and the likeness of the prophets before me is the likeness of a person who built a house and made it complete and beautiful, except the place of a brick in a corner. so people began to go around it and wonder at it and say, "why has not this brick been placed?" (the prophet muhammad peace be upon him) said, "i am the brick and i am the seal of the prophets." (sahih imam al-bukhaari, kitab al-manaqab, bab khatm al-nabayyen, sahih imam muslim, a-tirmidhi and ibn abi hatim)

all language dictionaries agreed that the word “seal” means “last” not the best or topping as claimed by the followers of al-ahmadiyya.



third: likening allah (swt) to inappropriate things:-

1- comparing allah (swt) to the octopus:-

mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani said: “we can suppose to picture allah that he has many hands and legs. his organs are countless and huge without an end or beginning. he is like the octopus with many parts spreading all over the world.” majmuat al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (collection of divine treasuries) – book 3 – kitab nihayat atham (the end of atham book) – page 90.



2- comparing allah (swt) to the human shape:-

mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani said: “during the same picnic, he said: i saw allah incarnated in the human shape. allah said to me with his hand on his neck ‘if you are mine, the whole world will be yours.’” al-taqwa magazine, book 14, issue 10 and 11, dhu al-qa'dah and dhu al-hijjah 1422 hijri, muharam 1423 hijri, page 12.



3- allegation that allah (swt) fasts and breaks his fast and that he makes right and wrong:-

the untruthful qadiani claimed that he received revelation from allah in which he says: “i am with the messenger, i answer him and i make right and wrong… i am with the messenger, i stand, fast and break my fast.”al-istifa’ book, book 2, page 15-16.



fourth: his position towards the sunnah:-

mirza ghulam ahmad al-qadiani said: “we say in his answer: we swear by allah that the prophetic sayings are not foundational, rather the qur’an and the revelation i receive. we mention prophetic sayings applicable to the qur’an and not contradicting to what was revealed to me. anything other than that should be abandoned like dirt and filth.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 19 – kitab ijaz ahmady (ijaz ahmady book) – page 140.



fifth: prohibition of jihad in the path of allah:-

the untruthful qadiani said: “the aim of sending me and jesus is the same which is reformation of morals, banning of jihad and showing the signs to enforce the faith of servants – no doubt, that the reasons for jihad are not existent at this time or this country, so today it is forbidden for muslims to fight for the religion.” majmut al-ishtaharat (collection of fame), book 3, page 303.



sixth: al-aqsa mosque is not in jerusalem, it is in qadian:-

ghulam al-qadiani said: “al-aqsa mosque (the farthest mosque) is the mosque built by the promised messiah in qadian. it was called the farthest mosque because it was far from the time of prophethood and for its far location from the spot of islam’s emergence.” majmut al-ishtaharat (collection of fame), book 1, page 293.



seventh: his betrayal and loyalty to the british occupation:-

al-qadiani said: “my father had an office in the government. he was loyal to the british government as he helped the government greatly in the revolution of 1857. he gave them fifty soldiers and fifty knights. he served the high government even more than his capacity, but afterwards my family deteriorated and diminished until it became the family of a poor farmer.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 12 – kitab hadayah qaysarayh (book of caesarian present) “caesarian masterpiece” – page 270-171.

he also said: “grace to allah for dealing with the british government. we have to thank this government.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 9 – kitab ma’yar al-mazahib (the measures of sects book) – page 460.



eighth: defamation and slander against jesus the son of mary (pbuh):-

the untruthful qadiani said: “jesus could not appear as a pious man because he was known among people for drinking alcohol excessively. these habits were not at the time of claiming theology, but it seems he got used to such habits at an early stage and this is why claiming the theology is the worst things after the effect of alcohol.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 10 – kitab sit begin (book of sit begin) – page 296.



he said also, may allah punish him for what he uttered: “jesus came to certain people and the world did not benefit from him spiritually. he left an example of his prophethood which harms more than it helps. the suffering and problems increased by his prophethood.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 8 – kitab itmam al-hijjah (book of completing the proof) – page 308.



ninth: samples of his disclosures and devilish revelations:-

1- determining the resurrection day:-

ghulam al-qadiani said: “the messenger (peace be upon him) was asked about the time of the resurrection day. the messenger (pbuh) said that the resurrection day will take place a hundred years from today for all the sons of adam.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 3 – kitab izalit al-awham (book of removing delusions) – page 227.



2- claiming that “yalash” is one of the names of allah:-

al-qadiani who claims to be a prophet said: “allah addressed me and said ‘yalash’. it is a name of allah. it is a new inspired word and does not exist in the qur’an, hadith or language dictionaries. he revealed the meaning of yalash to me: i.e. ‘ya la sharik’ (o no partner) – the aim of inspiring this name is that when he gives a human any good quality, feature or deed, he gives this quality, feature or deed to others, this is why the attributes of each prophet and his miracles are reflected in the good individuals among his people. they are totally instilled with his qualities so that the ignorant of the people do not get fooled by his peculiarity and take him with no partner. it is a strong disbelief if a prophet is called yalash. any miracle or great sign given to a prophet is also given to thousands of his people.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 17 – kitab tohfa kolorayah – page 203.



3- claiming that he presents papers to allah (swt) to sign them with red ink:-

the untruthful ghulam al-qadiani said: “i saw in the disclosure that i presented many papers to allah to sign them and approve the requests i suggested. i saw allah signing the papers with red ink. at the time of the disclosure, there was a man of my followers present, his name is abdullah. the lord shake the pen, so some drops of the red ink fall on my outfit and abdullah’s outfit. when the disclosure came to an end, i saw my clothes and abdullah’s stained with the redness even though we did not have anything red, until now these clothes are still with my follower abdullah.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 15 – kitab  tryaq al-quloub (antidote of hearts book)– page 197.



4- claiming that he is from the semen of allah – astaghfur allah and auzu billah:-

ghulam al-qadiani claimed that allah (swt) sent the revelation in which he says: “you are from our semen and they are from failure.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 11 – kitab  nihayat atham (end of atham book)– page 55-56.


tenth: claiming that most muslims are unbelievers:-

ghulam ahmed al-qadiani said: “disbelief is two kinds: first is to disbelieve in islam and the prophethood of muhammad (peace be upon him) and the second is to disbelieve in the promised messiah and deny him even though the signs are clear of his truthfulness. he is the one who incited allah and his messenger to certify him. in the previous books of prophets there was confirmation about him. who denies him is ungrateful disbeliever to allah and his messenger, and if you look closely you will find the two kinds the same.” al-khaza’en al-rawhanaya (divine treasuries) – book 22 – kitab haqiqt al-wahy (truth of the revelation book) – page 185.


some of his morals and worships as told by his son mirza bashir ahmed, his second caliph:-

1- using drugs such as opium and banjo:-

“doctor mirza mohamed ismael told me that he made for the promised messiah – peace be on him- a medicine of opium and banjo drugs in addition to other toxic drugs. he said that is it permitted to take such forbidden things and the same applies to drinking alcohol.” sirat al-mahdi (the guided life story), written by mizra bashir ahmed, third part, page 111.



2- he did not perform hajj, retreat for worship or pay zakat:-

“doctor mirza mohamed ismael told me that the promissed messiah – peace be on him – did not perform hjj, retreat for worship or pay the zakat (poor-dues).” sirat al-mahdi (the guided life story), written by mizra bashir ahmed, third part, page 119.


3- he did not memorize qur’an:-

“doctor mirza mohamed ismael told me that the promised messiah – peace be on him – did not memorize the long chapters in the qur’an. he was aware of the content of the qur’an but he did not memorize most of it.” sirat al-mahdi (the guided life story), written by mizra bashir ahmed, third part, page 44.



4- he suffered from hysteria:-

“doctor mirza mohamed ismael told me that the promised messiah was suffering from hysteria (emotional outbursts).” sirat al-mahdi (the guided life story), written by mizra bashir ahmed, second part, page 55.



his bad end:-

the son of mirza gulam ahmed al-qadiani reported the death of his father from his wife:

“the wife of mirza gulam described the last moments of his life saying that she set up a toilet beside his deathbed. nasrat jihan said: ‘after a short moment he had another seizure but this time he was too weak to go to the bathroom. i arranged something for him beside the bed where he sat for urination then he got up and lay down on the bed. i massaged his leg but he was very weak, then he had another seizure then he vomited. after he finished he tried to lay down but his hand could not hold him due to weakness and he collapsed on his back hitting his head at the wood of the bed.” sirat al-mahdi (the guided life story), written by mizra bashir ahmed, first part, page 11.

this is the end of anyone who falsifies and fabricates lies about allah (swt) by claiming that he was given divine revelation while he was not given anything and nothing was revealed to him. thanks to allah for disclosing the fact of this movement claiming that it represents true islam, presents services and defends it while it is actually a poisonous dagger at the back of the muslim ummah pretending to be part of islam. the whole muslim ummah agreed unanimously that this sect has disbelieved and violated islam, this was ruled by institutions and fiqh academies and complexes such as al-azhar al-sharif, the international islamic fiqh academy, the muslim world league, dar al-ifta' al-misriyyah, the general presidency of scholarly research and ifta and all the muslim scholars, academies and complexes of scholarly research and ifta without any disagreement whatsoever.

what we presented is just a few points; there are many other claims and lies to be refuted. we were brief in this article, but if we dwell on the subject further, we would be able to display thousands of defects to condemn this devilish entity with evidence and proofs.

may allah save the ummah from these evils and trials! may allah guide the ummah to commit to the qur’an and the sunnah of the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him)! may allah weaken any enemies of the great islam and the kind prophet (pbuh). indeed, allah is the almighty and the omnipotent!

for more documents, replies to their claims, books and researches please refer to:

the anti-ahmadiyya network


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written by: abdallah zidan

date of publishing: 13/05/2011

website: abdallah zidan website

website link: https://abdallah-zidan.com

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