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The Disgrace of Women's Charm

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the disgrace of tabar'roj

(display of woman's charm)



 (1)tabar'roj  is  a disobedience to allah & his messenger


the one who disobeys allah and his messenger (pbuh) can

only harm himself and cannot in any way harm allah. the

messenger of allah (pbuh) said:


"كُلُّ أُمّتي يَدخُلونَ الجنَّةَ إلاَّ من أبى" فقالوا: يا رسولَ الله من يأبى؟ قال: "من

أطاعني دخلَ الجنّة ومن عصاني فقد أبى"


"all of my followers will enter aj-jannah (heaven) except those who

refuse." they said, "o allah's messenger! who will refuse? "

he said, "whoever obeys me will enter aj-jannah, and

whoever disobeys me is the one who refuses (to enter it)."(1)

it is reported that mu'awiyah (may allah be pleased with him) gave a sermon in humss (syria) and mentioned that the prophet (pbuh) prohibited seven things and that he (pbuh) named tabar'roj as one of

them(2).   abdullah bin mas'oud (may allah be pleased with him) reported that theprophet (pbuh) "used to dislike ten kinds of behavior and he (abdullah) mentioned amongst them: "tabar'roj by means of

displaying beautification in an improper place."( 3) imam as-

siyouti, may allah's mercy be upon him said: "tabar'roj by

displaying beautification is showing off to strangers and this is

disliked. this is the explanation of "an improper place." it is

not so if the beautification is done for the husband.


(1) saheeh    al-bukhari  (english-arabic,   dar   al-arabia,   publ.   beirut,

lebanon), v.9, hadeeth # 384, p.284                         

(2) narrated by imam ahmed in his mussnad 4/101-arabic.

(3) narrated by an-nissa'ee in his " sunan "arabic 8/141.


 (2) tabar'roj  is  a grave destructive sin


umay'mah, the daughter of ruqay'ah came to the messenger

of allah to acknowledge the message of islam and that he

(pbuh) is the messenger of allah (the almighty).  the prophet

(pbuh) told her:   "i give my acknowledgment that you must

not set partners to worship besides allah and that you don't

steal or commit fornication and adultery, that you don't kill

your child, that you don't commit any falsehood before your

hands and between your legs, that you don't wail, and that

you don't make tabar'roj like that of jahilyeeyah(4).  it is clear

that the prophet (pbuh) associated tabar'roj with grave

destructive sins.


(4) narrated by imam ahmed in his "mussnad" 2/196. the scholar ahmed

shaker, may allah's mercy be upon him, said : " its chain of narration is

good". he also said that ibin khatheer in his "tafseer :explanation of the

qur'an 8: 327-328" mentioned this hadeeth saying, "its chain of narration

is good" and he narrated it to at-tirmidhi, an-nissa'ee and ibin majah.



(3)tabar'roj  brings  the curse and expulsion

from the mercy of allah.


the messenger of allah (pbuh) said:


"سيَكُونُ في آخِر أُمَّتي نساءٌ كاسِياتٌ عارياتٌ، على رُؤوسِهِنَّ كأسنِمَةِ البُختِ،

إلعَنوهُنّ فإنَّهُنَّ ملعونات"

"there shall be, in the latter part of my nation, women who

are dressed but (in fact) naked, on their heads are humps like

those of bukht (one kind of camels), curse them for they are

surely cursed."(5)



(5) at-tabarani narrated this hadeeth in "al-mu'jam as-sagheer" p.232 and

al-albani said it saheeh as in his book "the hijab" p.56. as-siyouti

narrated on behalf of  ibin abdul'barr that: "the prophet (pbuh) intended

women who put on light clothes that shows off and shapes the body

descriptions. in reality they are naked although they have clothes on them!".



(4)tabar'roj  is  an attribute of the people of



the messenger of allah (pbuh) said:


"صِنفان من أهلِ النَّار لم أرَهُما: قومٌ معَهُم سِياطٌ كأذناب البَقر يضرِبونَ بها

النَّاس، ونِساءٌ كاسِياتٌ عارِياتٌ، مُميلاتٌ، رُؤوسَهُنَّ كأسنِمَةِ البُختِ المائِلة، لا

يَدْخُلنِ الجنَّةَ، ولا يَجِدْنَ ريحَها، وإنَّ ريحَها لَيوجَدُ من مَسيرةِ كذا وكذا"


of the people of hell there are two types whom i have never

seen, the one possessing whips like the tail of an ox and they

flog people with them. the second one, women who would be

naked in spite of their being dressed, who are seduced (to

wrong paths) and seduce others with their hair high like

humps. these women would not get into aj-jannah and they

would not perceive its odor, although its fragrance can be

 perceived from such and such distance.( 6)


(6) saheeh muslim (english-arabic, published by dar al-arabia, beirut.

 lebanon) v. 4 hadeeth # 6840   p. 1486.





 (5)tabar'roj  is  darkness  on  the  day of resurrection


it is narrated that the prophet (pbuh) said:

"مَثَلُ الرَّافِلَةِ في الزَّينَةِ في غيرِ أهلِها، كَمَثَلِ ظُلْمَةٍ يوم القيامة، لا نور لها"


the parable of a woman who moves with slow sweeping

motion, trailing her beautified clothes, performing not for her

husband, is like darkness on the day of judgment; she has (or

comes with) no light,"( 7)


"خَيْرُ نِسائِكُم الوَدود، الوَلُود، المُواتِية، المُواسية، إذا اتَّقيْنَ الله، وشَرّ نِسائِكُم

المُتَبَرَّجات المًتَخَيَّلات، وهُنَّ المُنافِقات، لا يَدخُلِ الجنَّةَ مِنْهُنَّ إلاَّ مِثلُ الغُرابِ




(7) narrated by imam at-tirmidhi in his "sunan" # 1167. al-albani said it

is a weak hadeeth (see al-albani's collection "ad-da'eefah" (collection

of weak hadeeths) # 1800. abu bakr bin arabi, may allah's mercy be

upon him, said: "at-tirmidhi narrated this hadeeth and said it is weak but

its meaning is correct because the "enjoyment" in disobedience is in fact

torture and suffering……".  the meaning indicates that this type of

women will come on the day of judgment blackened in darkness as if

she physically originated from darkness.  in contrast, what appears to be

difficult and painful in performance of obedient acts, is a true enjoyment

because of the reward awaiting those who obey allah and his messenger

e.g. the odor of the mouth of a fasting muslim may not be pleasant in

this world. to allah, however, it is better than the odor of musk because

the muslim had obeyed allah and performed what is due upon him from

fasting. similarly the woman wearing her hijab may be looked upon as

"reactionary, old fashioned, a walking tent! etc." she is the winner on the

day of judgment and those who mock her put themselves on a dangerous

road. they may be subjected to the wrath of allah.



 (6)tabar'roj  is  nifaq (hypocrisy)


the prophet (pbuh) said:


"the best of your women is the affectionate , the fertile (in

productivity), the propitious (favorable), the consultative if

they fear allah. the most evil of your women are the

mutabar'rijat (those who do tabar'roj), the mutakhayelat

(who strut/the almightyagger), and they are the hypocrite ones. those

who enter aj-jannah are like the cough crow."( 8) the cough

crow has a red beak and red legs. this is an expression of

metonymy indicating that few women enter heaven because

this kind of crow is rare.


(8) reported by al-baihaqi in  "as-sunan"  v.7  p.82.  also reported by

abu na'eem in "al-hiliyah"  v.  8, p. 376 with a reference to abdullah

bin masoud (may allah be pleased with him) as the narrator. see also al-albani's "chain of

authentic hadeeths - arabic" # 1849 and 632.




(7) tabar'roj  is disgraceful


the prophet (pbuh) said:


"أَيُّمَا امرأةٍ وَضَعَت ثِيابَها في غيرِ بيتِ زَوجِها، فقد هتَكَت سِترَ ما بينها وبين الله عزَّ وجَلَّ"


"any woman who takes off her clothes in other than her

husbands home (to show off for an unlawful purpose), has

broken the shield between her and allah."( 9)  imam al-

man'nawi, may allah have mercy upon him, said: "the saying

of the prophet (pbuh) ' any woman who takes off her clothes

in other than her husbands home' means showing off her

beauty to strangers by taking off her shield of clothes. she

"has broken the shield between her and allah" because allah

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