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what muhammad can offer other nations; west and east? in this book, we will try to highlight the main conceptual treatment of such very important question. since muhammad carried islam to the worlds which is a way of life and ideology. islam is a complete set of regulations, guidance, and advisors which are very well established and manifested. we will display the main aspects handled in the vision of muhammad and islam and consequently select the offers of muhammad to others. among such vision we will touch the following domains, leave aside belief or faith at the moment:


own self

other people


own nation

other nations

nature and environment




on each of these domains, man can select some good tools to be utilized for and by any one. the same is applied for many selected muhammad’s teaching acts; this may contribute to western life. [1-3]


in comprehensive annexes, all the acclaimed facts of muhammad’s teaching will be referenced to main sources of islam. quran and the prophet authenticated sayings, and regulations are the main foundations of muhammad’s teaching. we will give the references as much as we can. in addition, graphical drawings have been displayed in order to clarify the ideas given in the text.


author: professor dr. h. sofrata



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