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Muhammad’s teaching Contribution In Different Domains

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muhammad’s teaching contribution in different domains


1)   own self


muhammad’s teaching advises and considers a person as a property that he himself is responsible for. it is not his own property, and hence he has many obligations towards it.

(verse no.29- chapter no. 4 nesa): nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily god hath been to you most merciful!)

he should maintain his body in the best shape he can afford. healthcare as a main subject, we may find the following advice and instructions:


2)   eating:


  1. washing hands before and after eating,
  2. eat the best quality only [5] ,
  3. not to eat except when hungry,
  4. do not eat to your full capacity,
  5. when one desires to eat to the fullest, the following should be considered, divide your stomach accordingly:

5.1. one third for the food,

5.2. one third for the drink (no wine or beer),

5.3. one third for breathing – space is needed for lungs during inhaling.

  1. while eating, it should be in small portions, the word used by the prophet pbuh ‘small bits’,
  2. eating honey and honeycomb as it is without any processing, is a way for healing, [6]
  3. fasting two days a week, from dawn until sunset. fasting means no drinking, no eating, and no sexual intercourse. in addition, it is recommended to fast the three middle days of the moon month as advised by the prophet pbuh. this has been reported that in the full moon days, man is easily provoked into aggression. also reported by the florida police head quarters.
  4. fasting one month each year.



3)   health care


muhammad’s teaching gives a great deal of consideration to one's health care. it considers the body cleanliness as a part of the belief itself. the following are only a glimpse of actions requested:


  1. walking is advised rather than running [7],
  2. walking in the early morning between the first light at dawn and before sunrise is useful. as very recent reported, this period of time is the highest containing o3 ozone. where, o3 is the oxidizing agent, which can free the red blood cells from co1 carbon monoxide. the normal inhaling of oxygen cannot free the red blood cells from co1 .


at least five times a day washing and gymnastic exercises. this includes, prostrating, standing, bowing, setting on the ground, and repeating this at least four times in each exercise.


  1. having at least one bath each week; body should be washed and rubbed,
  2. after a sexual intercourse, a bath should be undertaken. of course a shower before is nice.
  3. nails should be cut frequently. however, not more than forty days apart,
  4. water wash is requested after urination and after stool,
  5. shaving the pubic hair and snipping armhole hair should be done frequently. however, not more than forty days apart.
  6. one must wash hands, wash mouth and nose, face, forearm, hair, ears, and feet at least five times a day. washing, rubbing, and massaging feet [8] and toes at least five times a day in order to have good blood circulation and prevent amputation, especially for elderly and diabetics.
  7. man foreskin must be removed; the best time is on the seventh day after birth, not before not after.

10. during daily activities, it is recommended to use right hand and fingers for eating, drinking, and the handling of clean objects. the left hand and fingers on the contrary from the right hand, may be used for unclean objects. this reduces the chances of self infection.

11. not to drink straight from any jar with one’s mouth, except with permission of the jar owner. again this reduces the chances of infection.

12. to drink in three times successively, not all at once.

13. for oral hygiene, it is recommended to clean teeth using chewing stick, or any other brush, at least five times a day. when coming back home, it is also recommended to brush teeth.




author: professor dr. h. sofrata


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