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muhammad’s teaching is “an integrated system”; it gives its full pledge when applied in full [4]. however, since it is the way selected, chosen and perfected by god almighty, we can pick up and get some guidance. such guidance may give nice and positive glimpses for non-muslims.


 (verse no.3- chapter no. 5 maeda) “this day, i have perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you, and have chosen for you islam as your religion. “

muhammad’s teaching contributes to life domains, which man can find some rules in each aspect, which may be useful, if applied everywhere and by any one.


light may be shed about the rules and advice which will be given during the course of this study. however, muhammad’s teaching is full of such rules and advices and we cannot claim that we can talk about all of them. only some of them will be mentioned in this book. it is to be stated clearly that this treatment has never been intended to ask someone to be converted, or change his beliefs.



author: professor dr. h. sofrata

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