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The Door of Repentance is always Open

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The Door of Repentance is always Open


Allah makes it clear that you people have made mistakes out of ignorance, but become Allaah with sincerity and ask for forgiveness, they will be forgiven. Whenever the believers sincerely grieve for what you have done, they must never lose hope in the mercy of Allah, no matter the magnitude of sin. This truth is highlighted in the following verse:


Di: my servants you have exceeded against yourselves, not desperate of the mercy of Allah is true that Allah forgives all fouls, because he is the Forgiver, the compassionate! (Sura 53 the Groups)


Our Prophet (saaws) also said that Allah accepts the repentance of believers:

If you are innocent, Allah will soon reveal your innocence. If you have committed a sin, repent to Allah and ask him to forgive you, because when a person confesses his sin and apologises to Allaah, Allaah accepts his repentance. (Bukhari)


This is one of Islam's greatest indulgences and the favors. Fall into despair after making a mistake, or thinking that one is not going to get back on its feet when religion has done such indulgence, is only a serious conjecture. Those who ignore the forbearance of Allaah oppress their souls and at the same time, fail to apply one of the requirements of Islam.

The indulgence of the Koran prevents many of these acts that violate it in many ignorant societies. For example, the ridicule and degrade people who commit mistakes in ignorant societies can never prevail where the principles of the Koran predominate. On the contrary, where such principles are applied, which have returned to Allah and asked his forgiveness as sincere believers will live their lives in peace, happiness and enthusiasm.

The superiority of a person can be measured only by his piety, that is, the degree in which trust Allah and the Koran. Ignorant mistakes and errors of the people are of great importance in societies, in societies where the Quranic ideals prevail, errors and sins past a person never mentioned. The important thing is to receive the forgiveness of Allah. Condemning and censuring someone who Allah has promised to forgive may not be valid or legitimate under any circumstances.


Believing oneself a being without faults, without sin, perfect is no different to claim divinity, because humanity is prone to make mistakes and sins. Just as human beings are weak creatures, Allah has made it known that he is almost always forgiving and accepting repentance. This is because it would be incompatible with the Qur'an that someone falls into despair after hearing his ego and sin, consciously or unconsciously. After committing an error, believers learn the lesson, see the truth after repent of his actions, immediately seek refuge in Allaah and do everything they can to not make the same mistake again.

Certainly, believers take the greatest care to zoom out errors and sins, and to observe the limits posts by Allah. But despite this fact, believers can still commit a mistake or a sin. But after doing so, believers in particular return to Allah and seek forgiveness. As a result, the names of Allaah, such as which accepts the repentance (at-Tawwab), the Forgiver (al-Ghafur), and the merciful (ar-Rahman), manifested on these believers that they will repent of their errors and return to Allah.

As well as believers make mistakes and repent, as reflected in their mistakes with the concept of the target in mind. First of all, such errors have been written in its target to enable them to grow in this world and allow them to get closer to Allah. Once they ask for forgiveness, these errors are transformed so that they receive rewards, because after promising to abandon that error in particular and show the Quranic values to repent immediately, the errors rise the degree in the afterlife for sincere believers. Do mature believers and makes them more aware of its shortcomings, weaknesses and servility, because the important thing is to abandon sin, repent immediately, and sincerely repent of what one has done.

In other words, believers who sin but repent and seek forgiveness of Allaah should not be tied to pain and despair, because despair dislike to Allah. After making a mistake, the enthusiasm, fervor and the joy of the believers should not decrease. On the contrary increase.








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