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Only the tip of the Iceberg

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Only the tip of the Iceberg

First part

Only the tip of the Iceberg

This booklet provides only some data on:

• He encourages us to have good intentions, positive attitudes and caring feelings relative to each other.
• Teaches us to forgive and to want for others what we want for ourselves.
• US urges sincerely smile and be kind to others.
• Teaches us to act politely. 
• Orders us to acquire a good conduct and behave respectfully.
• Teaches us to be benevolent with people, animals, birds and even the environment.
• Teaches us to respect and care for our parents and older persons, and be good with our families, spouses and children. 
• Urges us to help, feed and sustain the weak, the poor, the needy and disabled. 
• Stimulates us to think, to reflect, to reason and to base our judgments on evidence.

You've discovered who he is?

Before he reveals the secret, let me highlight that also "he"...

-Teaches us that all humans are equal, regardless of their origin or race, colour or nationality.
-Teaches that we hiramos not, hate, we over-regulate, humillemos or despreciemos to others.
-Explains clearly why we are here, who has brought for us, where we are going and what our final destination...
-Teaches to live in peace, having a good relationship with God, ourselves and others.

Truly it has been sent as a mercy for all mankind!
Can you believe that he is Muhammad....?

If our minds are full of prejudices and preconceived ideas we never perceive the beauty or the truth of anything.

It is possible to have negative and preconceived notions about Islam and its prophet. Maybe you've read or heard something about him from false or arbitrary sources.

That is why I invite you to read this booklet an objectively and with an open mind, because this brochure shows the truth about Muhammad (SAAWS).







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