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The true and only God (PBUH) sent many prophets and messengers, including Adam (Adam), Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), ' Isa (Jesus), and Muhammad the PBUH peace be upon them all.

The own true and only God told us that Muhammad is his last
Prophet sent to humanity (Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Indian, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic,... etc). Islam teaches us to be fair, sane, sincere, honest, and objective and have an open mind to find the truth, and to treat others or judging them.

The search for the truth must be based on reliable sources and real truths. Treat others and judge them should be done with justice, positive attitude, dialogue, mutual respect and understanding.

A conclusive reflection!

These unjust political and religious leaders, writers, historians, and agents of the media who wrongly accused Islam and Muslims to terrorism, and claim that Islam was spread by force by the sword, and those people whose minds and hearts are sick by what they describe to PBUH, the one and true God, and his last Prophet Muhammad with worse drawings slanderers, I have a question for them:

This do ye call freedom and freedom of expression? It is not a double standard that you use when you speak of Islam and Muslims? Do you never hear terms like "Christian terrorist" or "Jewish terrorists", while people of both faiths have committed all kinds of atrocities?

Is anyone free to insult, curse and despise others and their beliefs, accusing them of terrorism?


It is as well as teaches civilization, democracy and freedom to the generation of younger in schools, in universities and society in general?

Have been really the sword of Islam which has made thousands of men and women sensible, objective, honest and minds open around the world have embraced Islam today? Many books, articles, and websites discuss how and why these brothers and sisters have converted to Islam. I recommend for example: Islam Our Choice: Portraits of Modern American Muslim Women, edited Debra l. Dirks and Stepahanie Parlove, and available on the Internet.


Main definitions

In Arabic, PBUH is the name of the only true God, the creator. Islam teaches that PBUH is the true God, creator of all mankind. Jews and Arab Christians use the name PBUH referring to God.

It is the last Prophet of the true and only God, PBUH, who has been sent to all mankind (SAAWS).

It is the submission to the will of PBUH, the true and only God.

It is one who submits to the will of PBUH, the true and only God.

Noble Qur'an
It is the last word of PBUH, the true and only God, who has been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.






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