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Some of the Characteristics of the Quran

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Some of the Characteristics of the Quran



Allah has described the Noble Qur’aan with a number of magnificent characteristics of which Ibn Qudaamah mentioned eight in points 27 – 30 of Lum‘atul-I‘tiqaad.

They are as follows:

1. That it is clear (mubeen) and makes clear the laws and reports which it contains.


2. That it is Allah’s firm rope (Hablullaah) that is; it is the solid contract which Allah made a reason for reaching Himself and the attainment of success by His Grace.

3. That it consists of distinct chapters (muhkamaat), each distinct from the other, perfected and preserved from any flaws or contradictions.

4. That it consists of clear verses (aayaat bayyinaat) which are clear and obvious signs indicating Allah’s unique unity, the perfection of His attributes, and the goodness of His laws.

 5. That it contains clear and obscure verses (aayaat muhkamaat wa mutashaabihaat); the clear being that whose meaning is clear and the obscure being those whose meaning is hidden. And this does not contradict point number three above because the clarity there refers to perfection and protection from flaws and contradiction, while here it refers to clarity of meaning. If the obscure is referred back to the clear, all of it will become clear.

6. That it is the truth (haqq) that cannot be affected by falsehood from any direction.

7. That it is free from its description by the disbelievers as being poetry, magic or human speech.

8. That it is a miracle that no one can imitate even with the help of others.







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