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The importance of friendship

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The importance of friendship

Abu Huraira (RA) said the Prophet (salla Allah alayhi wa salam): "every man will bring the same qualities that the friend accompanying him. So therefore, that each of you see who is your friend, so you can choose the straight and truthful." (Abu Daud and At Tirmidi)

Imam Mawlood tells us that blessings and spiritual diseases relate to the company than a person to keep. There is a famous saying in the English language that translates "If you sit at the entrance of a bar, you will have two options, input to consume or will at least have to smell the aroma of alcohol and the drunken. But if you sit at the entrance of a perfume, you also have two options, you enter and you perfumas or at least enjoy the pleasant smell of fragrances".


Straight people in the faith are like rain that quickly gives life to a dry land. Sitting with these people quickened the heart of passenger and makes it more fertile to increase your faith. People with these characteristics extracted six Affairs towards other six issues. From doubt to certainty, from ostentation to the sincere acts of negligence to the memory of the desire in this life to the desire for the next, the arrogance to humility and an inner nature bent to an excellent. Imam ibn ' Ata Allah advise us "Don't take as partner someone whose State would not raise yours and whose speech you do not direccionaría toward God."




Explanation taken from the play 'Purification of hearts' of Imam al - Mawlood. Signs, symptoms and cures of the disease spiritual of heart.-Chapter: the root of the heart disease pg. 62 Translation and commentary of the sheikh Hamza Yusuf.


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