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7 Ways of Building a House in Jannah

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7 Ways of Building a House in Jannah




Have you ever walked by a house or a mansion that just took your breath away? A place that made your own house look like something that was thrown into a fight with the very essence of ugliness and lost big time?

Cuz I mean let’s face it your place isn’t really a mansion now is it? (Stop reading this email and look around at your house)

There is no need to deny that this is the case for most of us, even if you think your place is the best there will always be something better, but that is the nature of this dunya. 

However the aakhirah is different, it is not like this world and like the scholars tell us, the only thing similar between this world and the hereafter is just in the names, meaning a mansion in this world will never be equal to the mansion in Jannah etc.

And having looked through some ahadeeth of the Prophet, all authentic, I have made this list of 7 deeds that will earn you a house in Jannah. InshaaAllaah it will prove beneficial and hopefully we can teach our family and friends about these simple actions that will not only grant us a house in Jannah but will also (more importantly) grant us the pleasure of Allaah the All-Mighty.

#7 Dhikr before entering the Market place


Don’t spend too much time downtown it brings more harm than benefit

This is something that we do perhaps on a daily basis, actually some youth seem to live inside the malls and shops, due to them always being there. Whilst others take it upon themselves to perform Tawaaf around the city center/down town, even though the Prophet clearly told us these places do not bring much good and are actually a source of distraction from the remembrance of Allaah.

That is why this beautiful hadeeth contains dhikr that should be said upon entering such a place:

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

Whoever enters a market place and says

‘Laa ilaaha illallaahu wahdahu laa shareeka lah, lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyee wa yumeetu wahuwa hayyun laa yamootu, biyadihi alkhayru wahuwa ala kulli shayyin qadeer’

Allaah will write for him thousand thousand reward and erase from him thousand thousand sin and raise him thousand thousand and build for him a house in Jannah!”

[al-Jaami' as-Sagheer v. 1 p. 1118 Shaikh al-Albaanee said the hadeeth is Hasan]

Yaa SubhaanAllaah! Just by saying this one dhikr upon entering such a place you gain so much reward and get rid of so much sin! How merciful is Allaah!

As side note though, this does not give you an excuse to go to the market place saying you want to practice this hadeeth, yes I am talking to you.

#6 Losing a Child


  This will be our final house in this dunya, have you prepared for it?

Only a parent who has gone through this can understand what pain and sadnesss one goes through upon loosing ones offspring, only those whom Allaah grants patience to can handle such a loss.

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

When the child of a slave (of Allaah) passes away, Allaah says to the Angels ‘Did you take the soul of the child of My slave?’

Whereupon the Angels reply ‘Yes’ and Allaah says ‘Did you take (away) the fruit of his heart (i.e. the child is described as something very precious in the heart of the parent)’

Whereupon the Angels say ‘Yes’ Allaah then says ‘What did My slave say?’

The Angels reply ‘He praised you and said everything will return to You’ Allaah then says ‘Build for My slave a house in Jannah and name it the house of praise!’”

[al-Jaami' as-Sagheer v. 1 p. 80 Shaikh al-Albaanee said this hadeeth is Hasan]

Although the reward is very great so is the trial, may Allaah not try us in such a way, Aameen!

#5 Building a Masjid


 Obviously the masjid you build doesn’t have to be this big

Now this is perhaps the most famous way people know of getting a house in Jannah, and it is a very popular hadeeth people use when collecting money for the Masjid (perhaps that’s why people recognize it) the hadeeth goes …

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

“Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allaah, Allaah will build for him a house in Jannah”

[al-Jaami' as-Sagheer v. 1 p. 1108 Shaikh al-Albaanee said this hadeeth is Saheeh]

Building a masjid is not as expensive as people think, obviously masjids in the west do cost a lot, but there are many other places around the world where there is a dire need to build masjids and the cost of a masjid is not a lot at all.

Places like Africa and Asia, building a Masjid that will function as a madrassah as well as a place of worship would greatly help those communities and help you get that amazing house in Jannah too, its a win win situation!

#4 Reading Soorah Ikhlaas


  When you do Tijaarah with Allaah, you never get cheated

Probably the least known yet the cheapest and arguably the easiest way of building a house in Jannah. I would personally advice brothers and sisters to teach this to our children since its a very easy thing to do, gather them after salah or any other opportunity and tell them let’s build a house in Jannah!

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

“Whoever reads Soorah ‘Qul Huwa Allaah Ahad’ ten times, Allaah will build for him a house in Jannah”

[al-Jaami' as-Sagheer v. 1 p. 1142 Shaikh al-Albaanee said this hadeeth is Saheeh]

I mean come on, it doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? Go on, start building your mansions now, what you waiting for?

#3 Praying the Rawaatib

Imagine how much khair we are missing out on!

Rawaatib refers to those optional prayers that we often pray (or rather should pray), you know those two rakahs after magrib those two rakahs before fajr etc. There is actually a special reward for whoever safeguards these prayers and guess what that reward is? Yep, you guessed it right, a house in Jannah!

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

“There is no Muslim who prays to Allaah everyday 12 units of prayer voluntarily excluding the mandatory prayers except that Allaah will build for him a house in Jannah”

[Saheeh at-Targheeb v. 1 p. 140 Shaikh al-Albaanee said this hadeeth is Saheeh]

And for those of us who might not know the rawaatib then they are, 2 units before Fajr, 4 before Dhuhr and 2 after it, 2 after Maghrib, 2 after Isha which gives us a total of 12.

So do think twice next time you feel lazy or run out of the Masjid real quick, you just lost a house in Jannah.

#2 Filling the gaps during prayer

Read the disclaimer below

Is it getting easier and easier or is just me? Honestly, how many times have we not seen a space between people in the row in front of us but been too lazy to move? And we’ve waited for the person next to us to move instead, just because the carpet might be extra nice just where we standing right now, but little do we know that we just lost ourselves a house in Jannah

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

“Whoever fills the gap, Allaah will raise him a level and build for him a house in Jannah”

[Saheeh at-Targheeb v. 1 p. 336 Shaikh al-Albaanee said this hadeeth is  Saheeh li Ghayrihi]

DISCLAIMER: Just don’t squeeze your way into a tight spot and when people around you step on your feet you say but Aboo Thaabit told me to do this! I will not be held responsible for any injuries you might sustain.

#1 Abandoning arguments


 This isn’t even Jannah and you’re already drooling mate!

Sometimes in life we argue, actually more like everyday for some of us. And there are times when you meet some individuals that argue so much, every little thing they have to argue about and on top of it they have to always be right. Those type of people can be very annoying, and are often a waste of time.

Even if they know they are wrong they will still defend their foolishness and that is when you have to learn to be the bigger man in the discussion and for that you will actually get a house in Jannah.

The Messenger of Allaah – sallallaahu alyhi wasallam – said;

“I guarantee a house in lowest parts of Jannah for the one who leaves off argument even when he is right, and a house in the middle part of Jannah for the one who leaves off lying even if hes just joking, and a house in the highest part of Jannah for the one with good manners”

[Silsilah as-Saheeha v. 1 p. 491]

Three different ways of getting a house in Jannah mentioned in just one hadeeth, isn’t that amazing? Imagine the one who does all these things mentioned in all the different hadeeths? How many houses will he not have!

And imagine the one who doesn’t practice upon these hadeeth and only realizes what he missed out on when it is too late! So let’s act now and build our houses in Jannah before it is too late. If you found this article beneficial then please share it with family and friends, building a house has never been easier!

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