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Rulings of the Khuttbah

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Rulings of the Khuttbah:

If one enters the Masjid while the Imam is delivering the sermon, he should not sit down until he performs two short Rak‘ah. It is not permissible for one to talk while the Imaam is delivering the sermon. The Imam is permitted to talk to any of the persons led in prayer and they are permitted to speak to him for any legal interest. When the preacher confers blessing upon the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, it is recommended for a Muslim to confer blessing upon the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, but without raising his voice in order not distract the attention of others. Imam should not raise his hands during supplications except in Istisqaa’ (Rain Prayer) for it is recommended for the Imam and the person led in such prayer to raise their hands in it. In something other than Istisqaa’, Imam can point with his finger.  

During the sermon one is not permitted to play with his hand, foot, beard, clothes and the like.

During the sermon, a Muslim should not turn right or left, nor look at the people (around him), in order not to be distracted from listening to the sermon. Rather, he should face the preacher (looking at him). If one sneezes, one should praise Allaah The Almighty secretly. For the sake of a legal interest, a Muslim is permitted to talk before or after the sermon, or during the interval between the two sermons. However, one should not talk about worldly matters for it is detestable.

During the two sermons of Jumu‘ah, it is recommended for the preacher to stand on a pulpit. The preacher should greet those present in the mosque when he ascends the pulpit. He should also sit between the two sermons, deliver the sermon while standing. He also should make the sermon moderately brief and raise his voice while delivering the sermon. It is also recommended to pronounce an Iqaaamah (immediate prayer call) immediately after the second sermon, and then start the prayer without a long interval.


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