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Jumu‘ah (Friday) Prayer

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Jumu‘ah (Friday) Prayer:

It is obligatory upon every male, adult, and sane Muslim individual who has no legal excuse.

Conditions that make the Jumu‘ah valid:

1-    It must be performed at its due time as the cause with other obligatory prayers. Thus, it is not valid if performed either before or after its due time. It is to be performed after meridian and it is permissible to do it before it (i.e. the meridian).

2-    Observers of the Jumu‘ah Prayer must be three residents in houses built with any usual material.

3-    Two Khuttbah (sermons) at the beginning of it.

It is not obligatory for the woman, traveler, and the sick to do it; however, if anyone of them attends it, it will be sufficient for him especially because they are excused not to do it as a kind of lightening difficulties for them.

One is recommended to go early to Masjid after the sun rises. It is also recommended for one to do great deal of conferring prayers and blessings upon the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.


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