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Warning in Makkah

5127 2007/11/21 2024/07/24
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abu sufyan, on the other hand, was on the utmost alert. he had already been aware that the route he was following was attended with dangers. he was also anxious to know about the movements of muhammad [pbuh]. his scouting men submitted to him reports to the effect that the muslims were lying in ambush for his caravan. to be on the safe side, he hired damdam bin ‘amr al-ghifari to communicate a message asking for help from the quraishites. the messenger rode fast and reached makkah in frenzy. felling himself from his camel, he stood dramatically before al-ka‘bah, cut off the nose and the ears of the camel, turned its saddle upside down, tore off his own shirt from front and behind, and cried: "o quraish! your merchandise! it is with abu sufyan. the caravan is being intercepted by muhammad [pbuh] and his companions. i cannot say what would have happened to them. help! help!"
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