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Well-wishing Deligations

4954 2007/11/21 2024/04/24
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at ar-rawhâ’, a suburb of madinah, the muslim army was received by the joyous madinese who had come to congratulate the prophet [pbuh] on the manifest victory that allâh had granted him. usaid bin hudair, acting as a mouthpiece of the other true believers, after entertaining allâh’s praise, he excused himself for not having joined them on grounds that the prophet [pbuh]’s intention was presumably, an errand aiming to intercept a caravan of camels only, he added that if it had occurred to him that it would be real war, he would have never tarried. the prophet [pbuh] assured usaid that he had believed him.

the prophet [pbuh] now entered madinah as a man to be counted for in a new dimension — the military field. in consequence, a large number of the people of madinah embraced islam, which added a lot to the strength, power and moral standing of the true religion.

the prophet [pbuh] exhorted the muslims to treat the prisoners so well to such an extent that the captors used to give the captives their bread (the more valued part of the meal) and keep the dates for themselves.

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