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Advisory Military Meeting

4742 2007/11/21 2024/04/24
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on account of the new grave developments, the prophet [pbuh] held an advisory military emergency meeting to review the ongoing situation and exchange viewpoints with the army leaders. admittedly, some muslims feared the horrible encounter and their courage began to waver; in this regard, allâh says:

"as your lord caused you (o muhammad [pbuh]) to go out from your home with the truth, and verily, a party among the believers disliked it, disputing with you concerning the truth after it was made manifest, as if they were being driven to death while they were looking (at it)." [al-qur'an 8:5, 6]

the prophet [pbuh] apprised his men of the gravity of the situation and asked for their advice. abu bakr was the first who spoke on the occasion and assured the prophet [pbuh] of the unreserved obedience to his command. ‘umar was the next to stand up and supported the views expressed by his noble friend. then al-miqdad bin ‘amr got up and said: "o messenger of allâh! proceed where allâh directs you to, for we are with you. we will not say as the children of israel said to moses [aws]:

"go you and your lord and fight and we will stay here;"

rather we shall say:

"go you and your lord and fight and we will fight along with you."

by allâh! if you were to take us to bark al-ghimad, we will still fight resolutely with you against its defenders until you gained it."

the prophet [pbuh] thanked him and blessed him.

the three leaders who spoke were from the emigrants, who only constituted a minor section of the army. the prophet [pbuh] wanted, and for the more reason, to hear the helpers’ view because they were the majority of the soldiers and were expected to shoulder the brunt of the war activities. moreover, the clauses of al-‘aqabah pledge did not commit them to fighting beyond their territories.

the prophet [pbuh] then said:

"advise me my men!"

by which he meant the helpers, in particular. upon this sa‘d bin mu‘adh stood up and said: "by allâh, i feel you want us (the helpers) to speak." the prophet [pbuh] directly said: "oh, yes!" sa‘d said: "o prophet of allâh! we believe in you and we bear witness to what you have vouchsafed to us and we declare in unequivocal terms that what you have brought is the truth. we give you our firm pledge of obedience and sacrifice. we will obey you most willingly in whatever you command us, and by allâh, who has sent you with the truth, if you were to ask us to plunge into the sea, we will do that most readily and not a man of us will stay behind. we do not grudge the idea of encounter with the enemy. we are experienced in war and we are trustworthy in combat. we hope that allâh will show you through our hands those deeds of valour which will please your eyes. kindly lead us to the battlefield in the name of allâh."

the prophet [pbuh] was impressed with the fidelity and the spirit of sacrifice which his companions showed at this critical juncture. then he said to them: "forward and be of cheer, for allâh has promised me one of the two (the lucrative course through capturing the booty or strife in the cause of allâh against the polytheists), and by allâh it is as if i now saw the enemy lying prostrate."

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