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The Troubles inside the Polytheists' Army

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the tyrant abu jahl, however haughtily and arrogantly insisted that they proceed to badr, stay three nights there for making festivities. now they wanted to punish the muslims and prevent them from intercepting their caravans, and impress on the arabs that quraish still had the upper hand and enjoyed supremacy in that area.

abu jahl’s threats and insistence notwithstanding, banu zahrah, acting on the advice of al-akhnas bin shuraiq, broke away and returned to makkah. thenceforth al-akhnas remained ‘the well-rubbed palm tree’ for bani zahrah and was blindly obeyed in all relevant matters.

banu hashim were also inclined to break away, but abu jahl’s threats made them desist from that idea.

the rest of the army, now 1000 soldiers, approached badr and encamped themselves beyond a sand dune at al-‘udwat al-quswa.

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