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Headquarters for the Muslim Army

6342 2007/11/21 2024/06/14
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sa‘d bin mu‘adh suggested that a trellis be built for the prophet [pbuh] to function as headquarters for the muslim army and a place providing reasonable protection for the leader. sa‘d began to justify his proposal and said that if they had been victorious, then everything would be satisfactory. in case of defeat, the prophet [pbuh] would not be harmed and he could go back to madinah where there were more people who loved him and who would have come for help if they had known that he was in that difficult situation, so that he would resume his job, hold counsel with them and they would strive in the cause of allâh with him again and again.

a squad of guards was also chosen from amongst the helpers under the leadership of the same man, sa‘d bin mu‘adh, in order to defend the prophet [pbuh] in his headquarters.

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