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Abu Jahl's Trial to Survive

5288 2007/11/21 2024/06/21
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the great tyrant abu jahl, however, on seeing the adverse course of the battle, tried to stop the tidal wave of the islamic victory by nerving the polytheists and encouraging them by all means available and adjuring them by al-lat and ‘uzza and all symbols of paganism to stand firm in place and retaliate against the muslims, but to no avail. their morale had already been drastically reduced to zero, and their lines broken down. he then began to realize the reality of his arrogance and haughtiness. none remained around him except a gang of doomed polytheists whose resistance was also quelled by an islamic irresistible storm of true devotion-based valour and islam-orientated pursuit of martyrdom. abu jahl was deserted and left by himself on his horse waiting for death at the hand of two courageous lads of the helpers.

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