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The Blockade, Surrender and Evacuation

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4202 2007/11/21 2024/06/16
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on saturday, shawwal 15th, 2 a.h., the prophet [pbuh] marched out with his soldiers, hamzah bin ‘abdul muttalib, carrying the standard of the muslims and laid siege to the jews’ forts for 15 days. allâh cast fear into their hearts, and they were obliged to defer to the messenger[pbuh]’s judgement on their lives, wealth, women and children; their hands were tied behind their backs.

at this point, ‘abdullah bin ubai bin salul started his hypocritical role and began to intercede for them persistently on grounds of former alliance between those jews and his tribe khazraj. muhammad [pbuh] dealt with this man as being a muslim -- he had faked conversion into islam for only one month, by that time -- and so he granted him his request; for islam accepts people at their face value. banu qainuqa‘ handed over all materials, wealth and war equipage to the prophet [pbuh], who set aside one fifth and distributed the rest to his men. after that they were banished out of all arabia to azru‘a in syria where they stayed for a while and soon perished away.


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