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Dhi Amr Invasion

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4616 2007/11/21 2024/06/25
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the prophet [pbuh]’s intelligence personnel reported that banu tha‘labah and banu muhârib were mustering troops with the aim of raiding the outskirts of madinah. the prophet [pbuh] at the head of 450 horsemen and footmen set out to handle this new situation. ‘uthman bin ‘affan was asked to dispose the affairs of the muslims in madinah. on their way, they captured a man who embraced islam and acted as a guide for the army. when the enemies heard of the approach of the muslims, they hurriedly dispersed in the mountains and disappeared. the muslims encamped at a watering place called "dhi amr" for the whole of safar 3 a.h. the prophet [pbuh] aimed to impress upon the desert bedouins in the area, that the muslims were then powerful enough to cast fear and awe into the hearts of their enemies.[za'd al-ma'ad 2/91; ibn hisham 2/46]


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