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3. A Letter to Chosroes, Emperor of Persia

6861 2007/11/22 2020/10/30
Article translated to : العربية

"in the name of allâh, the most beneficent, the most merciful.

from muhammad, the messenger of allâh to chosroes, king of persia.

peace be upon him who follows true guidance, believes in allâh and his messenger and testifies that there is no god but allâh alone with no associate, and that muhammad is his slave and messenger. i invite you to accept the religion of allâh. i am the messenger of allâh sent to all people in order that i may infuse fear of allâh in every living person, and that the charge may be proved against those who reject the truth. accept islam as your religion so that you may live in security, otherwise, you will be responsible for all the sins of the magians."

‘abdullah bin hudhafa as-sahmi was chosen to carry the letter. this envoy carried it to the king of bahrain but we do not know as yet if the latter despatched to chosroes by one of his men or chose ‘abdullah himself.

the proud monarch was enraged by the style of the letter as the name of the prophet [pbuh] had been put above his own name. he tore the letter into shreds and forthwith dictated a command to his viceroy in yemen to send a couple of troopers to arrest the prophet and bring him to his presence. the governor, bazan by name, immediately sent two men to madinah for the purpose. as soon as the men reached madinah, the prophet [pbuh] was informed by a divine revelation that pervez, the emperor of persia, had been murdered by his son. the prophet [pbuh] disclosed to them the news and they were stunned. he added asking them to tell their new monarch that islam would prevail everywhere and outstrip the sovereignty of chosroes himself. they hurried back to bazan and communicated to him what they heard. meanwhile, sherweh, the new monarch sent a letter to bazan confirming the news and bidding him to stop any procedures as regards the prophet till further notice. bazan, together with the persians in yemen, went into the folds of islam, and gladly signified his adhesion to the prophet. [fath al-bari 8/127,128]


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