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The Prayers of Allah upon His Prophet PBUH

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the fourth lie


he "zakaria butrus" is wondering how allah prays upon his prophet. he said:”we asked many times about the way of praying upon the prophet but no one answered. then he added in his lie that jebril said to the messenger of allah in sidrat-ul-muntaha (lote-tree of the utmost boundary) :”wait here, allah is praying. so the messenger asked :”what  does  he say? jebril answered: “glorified, glorified and he lowers his forehead as if allah is bowing in prayer or prostrating (doing rukoh and sujud).



our refutation: you didn’t hear the answer because you don’t want to hear. if you had read what was mentioned in the interpretation of the ayahs of sending the prayers upon the prophet, you would have known what is meant by this. how didn’t he read although he alleged that he refers to the books of interpretation in every thing????!!!


 explaining to the reader we say:

allah’s praying upon his prophet peace be upon him and his believer servants has been mentioned in surat al-aahazab: ’’allah sends his salat (graces, honors, blessings, mercy, etc.) on the prophet (muhammad pbuh) and also his angels too (ask allah to bless and forgive him). o you who believe! send your salat on (ask allah to bless) him (muhammad pbuh), and (you should) greet (salute) him with the islamic way of greeting (salutation i.e. assalamu 'alaikum)”.(al-ahzab : 56).


the almighty allah also said: ’' he it is who sends salat (his blessings) on you, and his angels too (ask allah to bless and forgive you), that he may bring you out from darkness (of disbelief and polytheism) into light (of belief and islamic monotheism). and he is ever most merciful to the believers.”(al-ahazab : 43).

so the almighty allah and his angels send prayers upon the prophet and upon his believer servants.


the meaning of allah sending prayers upon his believer servants is his mercy upon them. and the angels sending prayers on allah’s servants is making supplication for them and this is clear in the end of the ayah which mentioned the reason of allah’s sending prayers upon them which is “that he may bring you out from darkness (of disbelief and polytheism) into light (of belief and islamic monotheism). and he is ever most merciful to the believers. sheikh saady –may the mercy of allah be upon him-says in the interpretation of the ayah: ’’it’s from allah’s mercy and favor to his believer servants that he made from his prayers  sent  upon them and his praise  and the prayers of the angels and their supplication what bring them out of darkness of sins and darkness to the light of faith, knowledge, work and success granted by him. this is the greatest gift allah has bestowed upon his obedient servants and which entail them to thank him and increase his remembrance for he had mercy and favor upon them. he also considered the angels bearing the throne the best angels and those angles around him glorify their lord and ask for forgiveness for the ones who have believed.”



ibn kather says: “that prayers  from allah means his praise  of  the servant  to the angels”. narrated by al bukhari. others narrated that prayers from allah is his mercy, while the prayers from the angels are making supplication and asking for forgiveness for the people as allah said:

“the ones who bear the throne, and the ones around it, extol with the praise (s) of their lord and believe in him, and they ask forgiveness for the ones who have believed, "our lord, you embrace everything in mercy and knowledge; so forgive the ones who repent and closely follow your way, and protect them from the torment of hell fire.our lord, and make them enter the gardens of adn (eden) which you have promised them and the ones who were righteous of their fathers, and their spouses, and their off springs; surely you, ever you, are the ever-mighty, the ever-wise.and protect them from odious deeds.”(ghafer:7,8,9)


and we pray upon the prophet peace be upon him and our prayer on him is supplication, in addition to that we are seeking for  reward allah promises us.


the islamic sharia has it’s own peculiarity in using the linguistic words. although it uses the linguistic word but it doesn’t use it always with it’s same meaning in the language. most of the time it restricts to a certain meaning; sometimes it is used as it is and sometimes it may add to it some aspects or reduces from it some. and the term “salat” (prayer) generally refers to the special prayers which are certain sayings and deeds in certain times in a certain way. but in special cases it’s the text which determine the meaning as our prayers to allah is different from our prayer upon

the prophet peace be upon him and also different from allah’s prayer upon us and different from the angels’ prayers upon us.


this shows clearly that zakaria boutus deliberately tells lies ……

as the meaning of salat (prayer) of allah is explained in all books of interpretation and in all the authentic hadith books. then he alleged that he asked and searched

but he found no answer. may allah damn those who tell lies.















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