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Refuting the Suspicion that Says: The Woman who Saw the Prophethood Seal

30835 2007/11/22 2024/05/28
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the seventh lie:


the reporter asks: did any of the (sahabiat) the women companions see the seal of the prophet (pbuh)?


um khalid - daughter of khalid ibn saeed – said:” i accompanied my father visiting allah’s messenger (pbuh) and i was wearing a sweet yellow shirt. seeing the prophet i went playing with the seal of prophethood but my father prevented me. allah's messenger (pbuh) said let her play with it, such a nice kid.


the lie is in the form of the question and the answer, the question is about the women who have seen the seal of the prophethood. the listener comprehends from the context that um khalid is a woman who had seen the seal, such comprehension is supported by the name um khalid which suggests that she was married and had a son named khalid, whereas she was only a child carried by her father. such name is only a name not a by name and this case happens a lot in the egyptian countryside. in (siyar a’lam al-nobala’) -biographies of the great noble figures-, she mentions a hadith about herself saying: allah's messenger (pbuh) was given a garment having black spots, he asked to whom should i give this? no one answered, he said bring me um khalid, i was brought carried, and he dressed me with his own hands saying:” wear it out” twice. he kept looking at the red & yellow colours of the garment saying:” that is nice um khalid” pointing at the colors. notice that she came carried as all children.


then while narrating the hadith, zakaria mentions that allah's messenger (pbuh) looked at the yellow garment and said "nice" as if in admiration, whereas it’s a lie as the word (sana) means that’s good. besides she was only a kid that came with her father and while her father was talking with the prophet (pbuh) she kept playing on the back of the prophet as all children do everywhere and at all times.


again the deceit is emphasized by the reporter reiterating the question: did any other woman, notice his words "any other woman", and the mean liar replies: no, not even his wives, except this woman, um khalid.


the truth is that no one in the proven or unproven prophet sunnah ever described the seal of the prophet except this little child (um khalid) whom he describes as a woman to deceive the listeners. not being described by any of the prophet’s wives does by no means mean that they never saw the seal, and also does not mean that it did not exist. many of the prophet’s companions may allah be pleased with them, have seen it and this doesn't require nudity as the seal is located at his shoulder.

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