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His Name and his Honorable Descent

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Article translated to : العربية עברית 中文

he is muhammad, son of abdullah, son of abdul-mottaleb, son of hashem, son of abd-manaf, son of qusay, son of kilab, son of murrah, son of ka’ab, son of lo’ay, son of ghaleb, son of fehr, son of malek, son of al-nadr, son of kenanah, son of khozayma, son of madrekah, son of elyas, son of modar, son of nezar, son of ma’ad, son of adnan.


ibn-hagar said “muhammad’s (peace be upon him) descent up to adnan is agreed upon by all scholars”

aisha (may allah be pleased with her) also said the same “the descent of all people is known up to  ma’ad son of adnan”. al tabarani


even abu-sufyan admitted muhammad’s (peace be upon him) honorable descent when hercules asked him “how is his descent among you?

abu-sufyan replied “he is of high descent among us” hercules said “so do all messengers when sent to their people


muhammad’s (peace be upon him) names:


it is mentioned in both books of bukhary and muslim, that muhammad (peace be upon him) once said “i have five names, i am muhammad, ahmad (the thankful), al-mahy (the eraser) whom allah erases infidelity with, al-hasher  (the resurrecter) whom all people will resurrect at my feet, and i am al akeb  ( the successor.) ”


abu-mussa said that muhammad (peace be upon him) once told us his names, saying “i am muhammad, ahmad, al-moqaffi (successor), al-hasher (the resurrecter ), the prophet of repentance, and the prophet of mercy”


abu-hurayrah said (in the book of al-bukhary) : muhammad (peace be upon him) said once “don’t you wonder how allah protects me from quraish’s cursing, they are cursing mothammam, and i am muhammad


he (allah) gave him part of his name to honor him          

 allah is mahmoud (praised) and he is muhammad (praised upon)


ebn-hagar said “it seems to me that muhammad (peace be upon him) meant that allah privileged him with those five names which no one before was named with, not that he has only those five names”


al-sohaily thinks that before the prophet there were only three men named “muhammad”, while ibn-hagar said that he wrote a book about the names of muhammad (peace be upon him), in which he counted 15 men called muhammad before the prophet.


many books were written about the names of muhammad (peace be upon him). some counted over 300 names, many of which have no source, many others are of his characteristics, and many more were not mentioned as names, for instance, some counted “labenah” (adobe – brick) for what was mentioned in “al-bukhary book” that muhammad (peace be upon him) once said “me and the prophets are like a man building a house as beautiful as it should be, except for a small place in the size of a brick in a corner. all people walked around the house admiring it and wondering, “shouldn’t anyone place this brick!!” and i am this brick, for i am the last of the prophets

as for his agnomen (nickname) is “abu al-qassem”, for it was mentioned in the books of muslim and al-bukhary that one day mohammad (peace be upon him) was in the market, a man called another man saying “abu al-qassem”. there muhammad (peace be upon him) turned and said “use my name, but don’t use my agnomen”.

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