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The Splitting of the Prophet’s Chest

16827 2007/11/02 2024/07/22
Article translated to : العربية עברית 中文
the prophet (may prayers and peace of allah be upon him) being in bani saad, - a tribe in which he was spending his childhood ( a habit done by all noble families at that time, to let their children spend their childhood with tribes living far in the desert and depending on nature in their living and speaking the standard arabic language, so that their children grow in a healthy physical and spiritual area)- the accident of splitting his chest happened in his fourth year.

 muslim narrated that anas said:” gabriel came to the messenger (pbuh) and laid him down. then he split his chest and took out his heart, and took a leech and said:" this is the share of the devil from you". gabriel washed his heart with the water of zamzam - a well in makkah- in a golden tub. after that he gathered his heart together and put it in its place back again. the children had gone to his nursing mother and told her that muhammed was murderd. when she found him he was pale. anas mentioned that he saw the place of the splitting in his chest.


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