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The Death of his Mother and Grandfather and his Stay with his Uncle

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his kind mother


after the accident of splitting his chest, halima -his nursing mother-had been so scared that she sent him back to his mother. so he was with his mother till the age of six.


amena- the mother of the messenger- thought that she had to visit the grave  of her husband in yathreb- the former name of madina -as a kind of loyalty to him. so she went out of makkah in a journey for about 500 km with her orphan child muhammed -may prayers and peace of god be upon him- , her maid om ayman and her father in law abd al muttaleb. she stayed there for a month then she returned. she was sick in the beginning of her way back and she got worse till she died in abwa (a place between makkah and madina.


his kind grandfather


abd al muttaleb took the child back to makkah carrying feelings of kindness towards his orphan grandson, who had a new catastrophe, which reminded him of all his old ones; especially his own son’s death (abdullah, muhammad’s father). so he felt extreme compassion, he never felt before .he loved him so much that he did not let him alone to his imposed loneliness, and treated him better than his own sons. ibn hisham stated that abd al muttaleb had used to sit beside the ka’ba - the sacred house of allah - and his sons around him. and it had happened many times that the child muhammed -may prayers and peace of allah be upon him- comes to sit in the place of his grandfather where his uncles did not dare to sit in out of respect to their father. so his uncles take him away of the place of his grandfather. but his grandfather was always letting him sit beside him putting his hand on his back and cheering with all his actions saying: " let my son sit; i swear he will have a great future ".his grandfather died when he was  ten years ,two monthes and ten days . but before his death abd al muttaleb decided to make muhammed - may prayers and peace of allah be upon him- in the host of his uncle abu taleb (the brother of his father).


muhammad’s stay with his uncle


 he became a young man with his uncle and under the care and keeping of allah, who protected him from the impure pre-islamic paganism

of his folk .so he was the best among his people because of his: chivalry, morals, generosity, kindness, patience, honesty and truthfulness. he was the best neighbor and was the best in all his deeds. he was so honest that all his people were calling him " al ameen"- the honest-and that is of course because of allah’s protection over him.








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