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Abu Bakr leads Prayer

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1654 2018/04/18 2024/07/14

In spite of the severity of the Prophet’s illness, he continued to lead prayers. However, that Thursday, when it was time for evening prayer, the Prophet took a bath to assuage his pain.

When he tried to get up, though, he lost consciousness. When he came to, he bathed again, but fell unconscious when he was about to get up. He bathed a third time, and a third time he blacked out when he tried to get up. He then sent word to Abu Bakr to lead prayer. Abu Bakr led seventeen prayers because of the Prophet’s deteriorating health.


Between Saturday and Sunday, the Prophet felt a little relief. Two people supported him and took him to the Mosque to perform the noon prayer. At that time, Abu Bakr was leading prayer. The Prophet sat on his left, and Abu Bakr followed the Prophet in prayer while the others followed him .


All for charity


On Sunday, the Prophet set his slaves free, gave away his last seven dinars in charity, and bequeathed his weapons to the Muslim army. When night drew near, Aishah sent her lamp to a woman in the neighbourhood to drop a little tallow in it. The Prophet’s coat of mail had been pawned with a Jew for about seventy-five kilograms of barley.


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