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The Prophet’s death draws near

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On Monday morning, Abu Bakr was leading prayer when the Prophet lifted the curtain of Aishah’s house, which adjoined the Mosque, and looked at the people in prayer. He smiled, and Abu Bakr moved backwards a little thinking that the Prophet wanted to come and lead the prayer.

The people, when they saw the radiance of the Prophet’s face, were overtaken by such happiness that they almost interrupted their prayers. The Prophet, however, motioned that they should complete the prayer. He disappeared behind the curtain.


Later that day (other sources indicate it was later that week), the Prophet called his daughter Fatimah . He whispered something to her, and she burst into tears. He then whispered to her again, at which she smiled. Aishah asked Fatimah what the Prophet had told her, but she said he had asked her to keep it a secret. After the Prophet’s death, Fatimah revealed that her father had first told her he would not recover from his illness, and this had made her cry. Then he told her that of his children, she would be the next to join him, which had made her smile. He also informed her that she would be made the Sayyidah (leader) of the women of Paradise.


Fatimah was so distressed at her father’s agony, she cried, “O the pains of my dear father!” The Prophet replied, “After this day, your father will suffer no more pain.”


The Prophet then called Fatimah’s sons, Hasan and Husayn , and kissed them. His wives were nearby, and he counselled them. His pain was gradually increasing, and he put a sheet over his face and would uncover it only when he was out of breath. He would say, “May the curse of Allah be upon the Jews and Christians!” He repeated his earlier instruction that no two religions were to flourish in Arabia. Finally, he repeated over and over again: “Prayer, prayer… your slaves and subordinates.”

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