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The Prophet dies

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1527 2018/04/18 2024/07/14

The Prophet’s strength began to ebb, and Aishah held the Prophet against her between her breast and throat. Just at that moment, her brother Abdul Rahman bin Abi Bakr entered the room, holding a root (Miswaak) used to clean teeth. Aishah saw the Prophet looking at the Miswaak, so she asked him if he wanted it, and he nodded. She took it, and after chewing the end a little to soften it, she gave it to him.


A bowl of water was kept near the Prophet , and he dipped both his hands into it and wiped his face saying, “There is no god but Allah. Verily, these are the pangs of death.”


He either lifted up his hands or pointed his forefinger toward heaven. His voice was weak, but ‘Aishah could hear him speak as he raised his eyes and repeated three times.




“With the blessed from among the prophets, the evertruthful, the martyrs, and the righteous! O Allah, forgive me and have mercy on me. I choose to be with the exalted companions! O Allah, the exalted companions!”


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