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Funeral rites and burial

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2119 2018/04/18 2024/07/14

On Tuesday, the Prophet’s body was washed by Abbas, Ali, Abbas’ two sons, Fadl and Qatham, and the freed slaves of the Prophet , Shaqran, Usama bin Zayd and Aus bin Khaula .


Abbas and his two sons moved the Prophet’s body from side to side, Usama and Shaqran poured water, Ali washed the body, and Aus helped prop up the body.


The Prophet’s body was washed three times with water and berry leaves. The water came from Ghars, Sa’d bin Khaythama’s well in Qubaa, which the Prophet used to drink from. His body was then shrouded with three white cotton Yemenite sheets.


Abu Talha dug the Prophet’s grave on the spot where he had died in Aishah’s house. It was a Lahd type of grave with a niche in the side. The Prophet’s body lay on his cot beside the grave, and his Companions came in groups of ten to pray the funeral prayer individually, without an Imam to lead the prayer, first, members of the Prophet’s family prayed, followed by the Muhajireen, the Ansar, and then the women and children.


The funeral prayers for the Prophet lasted all day Tuesday and most of Wednesday. Late Wednesday night the Prophet was buried.


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