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The Prophet’s features and character (2)

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The Prophet’s gait

The Prophet was swift-footed and had a firm step. He would rise with a jerk and walk swiftly but smoothly, as if going down a slope. He would turn swiftly and gracefully.


The Prophet never seemed to tire when he walked, and nobody could keep pace with him. Abu Hurayrah says, “I have never seen anyone who walked as quickly as the Prophet . It looked as if the earth rolled itself up for him when he walked. We would tire ourselves out walking with him, while he would move on with ease.”



The Prophet usually seemed cheerful, and he liked to smile. Even when the others were rude to him, he was never harsh and rude. He never raised his voice in the market place.


If faced with a choice between two options, the Prophet would always chose the easier one, provided that it did not lead to sin. Above anything else, he avoided sinning or anything leading to disobedience of Allah. He never sought revenge for any offense committed against himself, but when the honour of Allah was at stake, he would certainly punish the offender.


As we have seen over the course of the events in his life, the Prophet was generous, brave, strong and extraordinarily patient. Never vulgar or obscene, his dislike of something was apparent on his face. He never stared directly at anyone, nor did he ever glare at anyone in displeasure. He never rebuked his servant, nor was he ever heard saying something about anyone. Even before his appointment as Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet was known as “Al-Ameen” (the Trustworthy). He always kept his promises, and remained humble even in victory.


He respected the ties of kinship, attending the funerals of his relatives and Companions. He sat with the poor and needy, and accepted invitations extended to him from his slaves. At the height of his power as head of the Islamic state, he lived modestly. He never attempted to outdo others in serving rich food or wearing expensive clothing.



It is impossible to adequately describe the Prophet’s life and its significance for all humanity. This book is merely a brief account of the most important and influential person in history. I pray that Allah blesses the Prophet , his family, and his righteous Companions. May Allah grant us a place under the Prophet’s standard on the Day of Judgment. Ameen!

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