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Prophet Muhammad's Character

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Muslims have no drawings or pictures for prophet Muhammad or the prophets before him. However, unlike the founders of the great faith traditions prior to his time, the Prophet Muhammad is much more a recognizable historical figure as his companions and family members described him very well and recorded many stories from his life for posterity.

What did he look like?

Muhammad was an Arab of noble lineage with a white complexion and a rosy tinge. He was a little taller than average and well built with broad shoulders. His belly never protruded out from his chest. He walked briskly and firmly. 

Muhammad’s companions described him as a handsome person with prominent forehead, high tipped nose, long eyelashes, large black eyes with well set teeth and a pleasant smile. He had slightly curly hair and a thick beard. His hair was black but included few white hairs. 

His companions indicated that he had a friendly bright face that looked like a full moon. He did not laugh loudly; his laugh was mostly a smile that would show his teeth a bit like hailstones. His cheerfulness and open personality were felt by all people.

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